Public Relations

The key to a successful corporate brand positioning programme is having a full understanding of what sets a company apart from its competitors and defines its distinctive character. SAHARA uses a holistic methodology that combines academic insight with real-world experience across numerous industries and product categories. We begin with an analysis of the competition and the equities upon which the brand will be built. We evaluate how a company is perceived by different audiences and recommend strategies that can improve or enhance these perceptions. We help our clients achieve differentiation that resonates with stakeholders and sets them apart from their peers. 

Strategic Development
Great strategy begins with great listening. SAHARA wants to hear your vision of success - what do you want to achieve? We will hone that vision, leveraging our experience and opportunity analysis to create the ideal communications platform that will help you reach those goals.

Powerful and influential writing grabs attention and headlines. We've written highly-regarded technical articles, white papers, speeches, newsletters, and press releases for nearly every industry and media type. We've also produced field sales presentations, training manuals, customer service materials and direct mail and e-mail campaigns.

Media Relation
From Al Sharq Al Awsat and Al Jazeera TV Live to Al Hayat newspaper and the cover of Arabian Business magazine, we know how reporters and producers think and what they want. Our rapport with the media, and our understanding of it, is such a priority that we go beyond a traditional Media Relations department to an embedded practice - virtually everyone at our agency engages in media relations for our clients every day.

Story Stream
Creatively coming up with a number of innovative, interesting, relevant story ideas for your company is one of our primary objectives. You approve every story idea we broach, we write it and send you a draft, we get a FINAL ready for outreach to the media – and we send it to our reporter contacts, by beat, on the topic(s) they cover.

It doesn’t stop there. The latest story idea about your company typically has a very short shelf life – maybe a couple of weeks. It gets covered and then it turns into “old news”. So how you keep the press coverage happening, month after month, year after year? We continue to create new stories about you and plan these stories well in advance in order to ensure that you receive ongoing coverage and that your name remains fresh in the public mind.